Creating a global barometer

The brief

A simple, powerful insights tool, built to understand how people use the internet around the world.

Google asked Elsewhen to design and develop a simple, intuitive experience on mobile and desktop that would allow people to explore and interpret findings from two of their largest online surveys of consumer behaviour: the Consumer Barometer questionnaire and the Connected Consumer Study. Together, they are the largest ever study of online behaviour and cover thousands of adults in over 50 countries.

Demo of the barometer's UI on a desktop

The challenges

Quality in design & code

Our design and code had to be world class to stand up to scrutiny from both Google and the community. We were building a product while the collection of data and research was still in progress, our challenge was to maintain high quality output in a complex, live environment.

Snapshot from our early stage UX designs using sketches on graph paper

Our approach

Over several months, we defined the system architecture, competitor landscape, user experience, brand identity and visual language. Having been given early access to the Google Design Material Library, our work could be used to validate the Google design system before it was released. We were also one of the first developers to use AngularJS to build a consumer facing product at scale.

Live data in an agile process

Working closely with stakeholders and our research partner, we fed live data into our agile delivery process for the product. We took the statistics, turned them into an API which could be consumed in clusters and used to generate reports.

The outcomes

A scalable tool that simplifies the processing of big sets of data, so users can ask questions, discover new insights and extract real value.

  • 102Countries
  • 200,000People interviewed
  • 2,000,000Minutes of insight data processed